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 "Singing in the Rain" Donation to the Tift Regional Medical Foundation - Hearts and Diamonds Gala

 "Singing in the Rain"
Donation to the Tift Regional Medical Foundation - Hearts and Diamonds Gala

"Tree of Life" Donation to the Oncology department, Borås Sweden

"Tree of Life"
Donation to the Oncology department
SÄS, Borås Sweden 


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Upside down

I am an artist and a member of a Swedish art association “Tusenfärger” my art is continuously being loved and enjoyed.
I was born in Lebanon and moved to Sweden in 1986. At the age of 17 I left Lebanon because of the war. I started a new chapter in my life in Sweden. Learning Swedish was easy for me, as a speak four other languages. 


Traveling is very close to my heart, doing so I get inspiration for painting and for my other interest, my passion for cooking. I also enjoy getting to know different cultures making friends and having family around the world.


Nine years ago when attending a painting class in the US, I met Brenda Sutton Rose, an author and artist who inspired me to paint.

The years 2021 and 2022 was very difficult years. My husband got diagnosed with a very rare cancer. Nine months later, I was diagnosed with cancer as well. We both went through surgery’s and chemotherapy together, and my only way out was my love for painting, to put color on my life, I started painting as a relief. While going through our cancer journey, painting was a way to drift away from reality.

I donated the painting called “Tree of life” to the hospital in Borås Sweden where we both were treated. Another painting was donated during a charity gala to the Tift Regional Medical Center in Tifton, GA. I have decided to donate 25% of all my work to cancer research foundations.

This is how my love for painting began. 

During this time, I knew that painting was my passion and calling in life, and decided to go all in to dedicate my time for studying art and paint to fill homes with beautiful art.

Today I am finishing a two year program at  Falkenbergs Art School in Stockholm.


 I am happy and lucky to be able to reunite with my daughter, grandson, family and friends back in America. Brenda and I, started our paint nights every week and learning more about different kind of techniques and medium.

I use different kind of Medium, oil, acrylic and water color, ink....Planning on having an exhibition  in Tifton Georgia USA and in the spring 2024 in Sweden. Hopefully an exhibition in Europe soon as well.

I paint at my studio in Dalsjöfors Sweden and in my second home in Tifton where my beautiful daughter Patricia lives with her family.

I hope you will enjoy my gallery and hope you will find something that you will like. And please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information or requests.

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